Czech company KCK Cyklosport-Mode s.r.o. with a headquarter in Otrokovice, Czech Republic, has been producing cycling products under own brand FORCE since its establishment in 1991.


Products FORCE are not used only by hobby cyclist, but also by professionals. For e.g. Ondřej Fojtík (first winner of Crocodile Trophy in Australia from Czech Republic). In 2020 FORCE brand appeared on Tour de France in B&B Hotels – Vital Concept team.

All people in FORCE TEAM, who create and develope products are also enthusiasts in sport and cycling. All our products are tested by professionals and by hobby riders as well. Our aim is to make people satisfied with our products and anybody could find what he's looking for in our assortment - from top level products to reasonable priced products.

At the beginning of 2016 was finished the new headquarter in Zlín - Otrokovice, just a step from the highway to Brno.This is not only central headquarter but also warehouse of the company. The warehouse is equiped by modern technology and controlled by WMS system, which allows to speed up import and export of the goods. 
We have built a great name over the years and not only in Czech Republic, but also abroad - mainly Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, France, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Slovenia, Belarus or Bosna and Herzegovina.

Team KCK